Explore a deeper side of your psyche

Our smell receptors have a direct connection to our brain's emotional center and our memories. Knowing this, we are captivated by the way that scent effects on our emotional state, our perception of our selves, and what perfume can communicate.

The natural world, plants, our memories and humans we've met inspire us on a daily basis. A lot of our custom perfuming work is done intuitively, and feels a little like ..magic! Perfumes and body care products are chemical-free, made using high quality organic and wildcrafted botanicals and extracts. 
If you would like to experience our products in person, visit Sunnyside Natural Market and Purr in Kensington, Calgary.

Products at Evocatif are carefully made in small batches to ensure quality and precision. The owner Kat teaches perfuming classes, leads body care workshops and  enjoys making customized blends for clientele.